couplingchain EP 1005




1. FCL flexible coupling is widely used for its compact design, easy installation, convenient maintenance, small size and light weight.

2. As long as the relative displacement between shafts are kept within the specified tolerance, couplings will operate the best function and have a longer working life.

3. It’s greatly demanded in medium and miner power transmission system driven by moter, such as speed reducer, hoist, compress, conveyor, spinning and weaving and ball mill.

4.To be plugged in axially,easy assembly,maintenance free Applicable from -40oC to+100℃ temperature can peak up to 120℃.


– Torque transmission with high torsional rigidity.
– Compensates for axial, radial and angular misalignments.
– Spacer for axial disassembly of the pump rotors without affecting the alignment of the shafts.
– Max temperature : up to + 240 ° C.
– The hubs are delivered with pilot hole.

The machining done by us is :

– H7 tolerance for bores.
– Standard keyway according to DIN 6885/1.
– Two pressure screws : one on key, the other at 120°.