coupling chain F Series



The roller chain coupling is a flexible coupling of amazingly simple construction. It consists of a combination of one coupling chain and a pair of coupling sprockets. Flexible and strong, the SSPTP roller chain coupling is suitable for a wide range of coupling applications.

Cast Aluminium Covers

For more demanding applications, cast aluminium covers extend life of couplings by providing continuous lubrication and full protection from abrasive elements. The two halves fit around the coupling and connect by ‘Nyloc’ cap-head bolts. Neoprene seals are fitted to seal between sprocket hub and cover. These covers are fitted after coupling is fully installed on shafts.

Easy Alignment

Shafts to be coupled should be aligned as accurately as possible along a straight line. Unfortunately, this proves quite difficult. The chain coupling provides necessary flexibility because the chain and sprocket produce a clearance. In addition to protecting the bearings from overheating and abrasion, it safeguards the machine during use.