UHMWPE Sheets and Rod with Low Friction Coefficient

Ultra Substantial Molecular Fat Polyethylene Sheet

Ultra Substantial Molecular Bodyweight Polyethylenes are in a league of their own when it comes to effect and abrasion resistance. Blended with an incredibly low coefficient of friction, UHMWPE is perfect for chain guides, rollers, lining methods, put on strips and scraper blades. Utilised widely in the meals and packaging industries, UHMWPE is also CZPT in a broad variety of grades.



Greatest dress in resistant in plastics

The affect strength is ten occasions of POM

Lower friction issue and exceptional self-lubrication

Outstanding substances resistance, besides powerful oxidizing acid

Outstanding resistance to reduced temperature, in liquid helium temperature (-169 ÂșC) even now has the ductility, hence can be employed for nuclear sector parts


CZPT wear strips

Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Rails

CZPTs, Bushes

Chute linings

Pipe for distribution of slurry components

Other components necessitating maximum abrasion resistance and affect toughness and a lower friction coefficient

UHMWPE Sheets and Rod with Low Friction Coefficient