Industrial Bucket Elevator

Vertical Belt Type Bucket CZPT/ Bucket CZPT Technique/ Bucket CZPT CZPT (TDG)

1. Brief Introduction
Bucket elevator is utilised for the vertical transportation of bulk content ranging from light-weight and good to large and coarse. It is constructed using buckets connected to a belt or chain. with sturdy and sound building, it is CZPT to be utilized internally or externally of structures.
—–TDTG bucket elevator in foodstuff business
—–TDG (belt variety) and THG (chain sort) bucket elevators in cement, chemical, coal, fertilizer, mining, metal industries, etc.

two. Qualities
—–Higher-volume buckets are attached to a belt
—–Simple composition with modest driving power
—–Big Capacity, higher lifting top
—–Simple set up and servicing
—–CZPT: 2008 certification, SGS report

three. Basic Parameters
1) CZPT: Carbon metal, stainless metal
two) Tape Classification: EP belt or Metal twine belt
3) Bucket Classification
—–Shallow bucket(Zh kind): Suited for powdery and granular resources which is slightly soaked, apt to lump and has poor flowing, these kinds of as sand, slack coal, fertilizer, industrial chemical substances, and so forth.
—–Deep bucket(Sh kind): Suited for powdery, granular, lump supplies in dry, unfastened and good flowing issue, such as cement, coal briquette, grain, plastic granules, and many others.
4) Lifting Peak: five-80m
5) Content Temperature: < 80 centigrade (ordinary belt) < 120 centigrade (heat-resistant belt)

Model Bucket  Specification Capacity Velocity Lifting  Peak
Bucket  Width Bucket  Ability Bucket  Pitch
(mm) (L) (mm) (m3/h) (m/s) (m)
TDG160 Zh a hundred and sixty 1.9 260 24 1.two 5-80
Sh 2.six 32
TDG200 Zh two hundred two.9 300 31 one.two
Sh forty five
TDG250 Zh 250 4.six 325 51 1.34
Sh 6.5 72
TDG315 Zh 315 seven.4 360 seventy four 1.34
Sh 10 one hundred and one
TDG400 Zh four hundred twelve 420 118 one.five
Sh 16 158
TDG500 Zh five hundred 19 460 167 1.5
Sh twenty five 220
TDG630 Zh 630 29 520 253 1.sixty eight
Sh forty 348
TDG800 Zh 800 47 580 361 one.sixty five
Sh 64 492
TDG1000 Zh a thousand 74 650 571 one.86
Sh 102 788
TDG1250 Zh 1250 117 720 816 1.86
Sh 161 1220
TDG1600 Zh 1600 184 820 1112 one.836
Sh 255 1541

Industrial Bucket Elevator