Conveyor Belt Snub Tail Pulley Drum for Coal Cement

CZPT Belt Snub/tail pulley drum for coal cement

The pulley can be divided into two classes: Driving pulley (head pulley) and averting pulley (tail pulley), driving pulley is the primary part for transmitting the power and there are two varieties of pulley sets: Smooth surface area and rubber surface area, and rubber surface can be labeled into smooth rubber area, herringbone rubber floor and diamond rubber area to meet various complex demands. Averting pulley can be classified into easy rubber area and smooth metal area.

According to the composition design, the two type pulley can be divided into three mild duty, medium responsibility and weighty responsibility.
All the pulley undertake built-in bearing housing which is lubricated and stuffed with grease and has two varieties: Iron casting and steel casting, the shaft is manufactured of 45#metal, the shell undertake weld assembly.

Dependent on the previously mentioned style, the pulley is fairly structured, handy type chosen, functionality reputable, lengthy daily life time.

Apps: Used in the metal sector, harbor, coal market, electricity business, cements industry, and more.

Conveyor Belt Snub Tail Pulley Drum for Coal Cement