China Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor for Powder

china tubular drag chain conveyor for powder

Incline scraper chain conveyor is bulk materials conveying products, which is composed of head section with driving unit, link area, tail part, stress device, as effectively as scraper and chains.By means of moving chains, it can constantly transportation the supplies in shut rectangular casing vertically or at a massive incline.The MC buried scraper conveyor is broadly utilised in cement plant, coal, metallurgy, mining, light-weight, building, chemical, grain, electricity industries etc.

Benefits and Characteristics
1.Entirely enclosed composition CZPT pollution to the atmosphere
two.gentle weight,modest volume,area conserving
three.Practical installation and servicing
four.Vertical or massive inclined transportation, angles selection from 30° to 90°
5.Multiple substance feeding level and discharging level
6.Conveying length is up to 40m
seven.Substance temperature lower than 120ºC
eight.Gear motor manufacturer can be domestic or imported: Tailong, SEW, Siemens and so forth.

CZPT Parameter:

Scraper CZPT CZPT Efficiency
Kind MC16 MC20 MC25 MC32 MC40
Trough Width 160 two hundred 250 320 400
Substance Bulk Density .2~one.8t/m³
Conevying Peak five~30m
Conveying Ability speed m/s .sixteen .16 .16 .sixteen .sixteen
capacity m³/h 11 15 23 36 fifty five
velocity m/s .2 .two .2 .2 .2
capacity m³/h 14 19 29 forty six 70
velocity m/s .25 .twenty five .twenty five .25 .25
capability m³/h 17 23 36 fifty eight ninety
pace m/s .32 .32 .32 .32 .32
capability m³/h 22 30 forty six 74 110

Choice Conditions 

♦Material to be processed: _____ ♦Percentage of Max. granule in content:_________%
♦Handling capability (Ps. It means the total ♦Upstream tools (Ps. It implies what type of
substance capacity feeding from the inlet): _____t/h tools is employed to feed the substance): _____
♦Bulk Density: _____t/m3 ♦Downstream products (Ps. It signifies what variety of
♦Material size:____mm gear is used to discharge the materials): _____
♦Material temperature: _______ ºC ♦Length of horizontal section:_________m
♦Water material:____% Size of inclined segment:__________m
♦Material is corrosive or not: ____ (Ps. Indeed or No) What is the inclined diploma_____°
♦Max. granule dimension of the feeding material: ____mm ♦Working electrical power supply: _____V ______HZ 

We largely give the following toolss :

Vibrating Screen Rotary vibrating monitor
Ultrasonic vibrating monitor
Gyratory monitor
Trommel display screen
CZPT vibrating display screen
Circular vibrating monitor
Dewatering display
Vibrating feeder
Belt CZPT Belt conveyor
Sidewall belt conveyor
Moveable belt conveyor
Shuttle conveyor
Bucket CZPT Effective bucket elevator
Belt bucket elevator
Ring chain bucket elevator
Plate chain bucket elevator
Cement bucket elevator
Silo bucket elevator
Screw CZPT U-sort screw conveyor
Cement screw conveyor
Pipe screw conveyor
Scraper CZPT Horizontal scraper chain conveyor
Incline scraper chain conveyor
Grain scraper chain conveyor


China Tubular Drag Chain Conveyor for Powder