35 65-33 Tire Chains for Forklift

Why use Tyre Protections Chains?
Sizzling slag and sharp edged rocks are a wonderful hazard to tyres – even a new one. Equipment downtime and reduction of efficiency are the result of sudden tyre failure.
The Rewards of employing our China SG Tyre Defense Chains are:

* Lowering your operating expenses
* Lowering your downtime
* Increasing your productivity

We have a 24 hour service, with cell support teams on standby for your usefulness and guidance. We also manufacture and supply all elements and add-ons for tyre security chains


Manufacturer of CZPT Product Tire Size For each Chain Excess weight (KGS)
LIUGONG 375 385 twelve-sixteen.five E2 102
ZL 15 16/70-20 L3 152
LG 920 16/70-24 L3 166
ZL30E CLG853 seventeen.5-25 L3 214
ZL40B CLG842 twenty.5-25 L3 268
ZL50C CLG856 23.five-25 L3 456
KOMATSU WA350 20.5-twenty five L3 268
WA380 WA450 23.five-25 L3 456
WA470 26.5-25 L3 532
WA500 29.5-25 L5 830
WA600 35/65R33 L5 1096
WA900-30A 45/65R45 L5 2060
WA930E 53/80-sixty three L5 4017
WA1200 fifty eight/85-57 L5 4412
CATERPILLAR CAT950 23.5-25 L3 456
CAT966G 26.5-25 L3 532
CAT980C 29.5-twenty five L5 712
CAT982M 875/65R29 830
CAT988A 29.five-29 L5 798
CAT988B CAT986K 35/65R33 L5 1096
CAT990H 45/65R39 L5 1780
CAT992G 45/65R45 L5 1850
CAT993G 50/80R51 L5 3750
CAT994 fifty eight/85R57 L5 4412

35 65-33 Tire Chains for Forklift