Timing Chain Kits for Japanese Car Series

Item Description
Timing chain kit&comma vehicle timing kits
They are suitable for a variety of Car Brands&colon Buick&comma Nissan&comma Suzuki&comma Ford&comma Fiat etc
Timing chain kit is made up of &colon
1&periodTiming chain 
2&periodCam sprocket 
three&periodCrank sprocket 
five&periodXihu (West Lake) Dis.
Guarrantee &colon 60&comma000 km or 1 yr  ~~~

Timing chain package elements Particulars
&lpar1&rparComponent Portion&colon
       Timing Chain&comma Timing Sprocket&solGear&comma Tensioner&comma Xihu (West Lake) Dis.&comma Gasket and so on&interval
&lpar2&rparTiming Chain&colon
Material&colon   Website link Plate–65Mn&semi Pin–35CrMo&semi Bush&comma 20CrMnMo
Process&colon   Hyperlink Plate–isothermal warmth remedy&semi Pin–chromate remedy
Url Plate Floor Treatment&colon Bluing&comma Yellowing&comma Copper-plated&comma Zinc-plated&comma Nickel-plated&comma Chrome-plated
                 Pin and Bush with sprucing remedy&comma and pin with exact grinding
Hardness&colon   Pin&comma RC60&semi Link plate&comma RC47
Pin Diameter Tolerance&colon &period015mm
Tensile Energy&colon 5&period5~6&period0kn
&lpar3&rparTiming Gears&colon
Content&colon S45C&comma FCD450
Therapy&colon Carbonized
Enamel Hardness&colon HRC48~52
Material&colon FC200
Hardness&colon HRC20
Tensile Power&colon&geq200MPA
&lpar5&rparXihu (West Lake) Dis.&colon
Substance&colon S45C&comma PA66
Hardness&colon S45C&comma HRC18~22&semi PA66&comma HRC75~80

OUR Edge
A&periodabout good quality
one&periodbefore packing&commaevery product will be inspected&semi
2&time period&periodstrictly in accordance to client’s requirement&interval
three&periodthe components shall be no cracks&commasurface are not allowed to have scratches&commabumps&commamagnetic needle injures&commaconcave&commacorrosion and other defacts&period
4&periodreliable welding&comma engine spare areas&comma iveco everyday areas
B&periodabout  price
one&periodhigh high quality with competitive price tag&semi
two&periodprofessional maker&commafactory&commaso&commawe have the  competitive cost&semi
send samples is okay &commapls set up the sample value and freight gathered&period 
C&periodabout service
1&periodsmall quanlity orders are also approved
2&periodOEM orders are welcomed&interval
three&periodprint symbol on the entire body is avaliable &time period
four&periodwe have a expert quality inspection staff to guarantee the top quality of the product&semi
5&periodwarranty for our top quality&comma Iveco engine areas&comma Iveco day-to-day components &comma motor parts 




C163   S288  S289

  Sprocket Sprocket Sprocket Chain Chain
Ref No Ref No S390N S645 TC-a hundred and sixty TC-370
S273 S444 S391 S650 TC-163 TC-371
S274 S445 S394 S651 TC-a hundred sixty five TC-372
S288 S448T S396N S688 TC-167 TC-373
S289 S449 S397 S689 TC-168 TC-374
S296 S469 S401 S700 TC-169 TC-376
S297 S475 S410 S712 TC-179 TC-380
S308T S610N S412N S713 TC-4160 TC-387
S314T S493 S414 S715 TC-202 TC-390
S321 S506 S415 S721 TC-351 TC-491
S323 S511 S420T S732 TC-354 TC-494
S331 S539 S430N S766 TC-358 TC-495
S353 S542 S-431 S774 TC-359 TC-498
S354N S612 S436 S776 TC-361 TC-499
S355 S619 S438 S793 TC-368 TC-506
  S620 S359 S632 TC-369  



Timing Chain Kits for Japanese Car Series