Peristaltic Pumps for Sale in South Africa

Peristaltic pumps for sale in South Africa

This LH50-445C chain wheel variety peristaltic squeeze hose pump is used for slurry pumping for oil drilling project as for every customer’s want.


Variety LH50-445C
Max. ouput three.7m3/h
Rotation thirty RPM
Squeeze hose ID 50mm
Working strain 30 bar
Voltage three phase, 380V, 50HZ
Power five.5 KW

LEC industrial peristaltic pumps can be used in subsequent discipline: CZPT, pharmacy, textile mill, dye creating, drinking water remedy, paper producing, mining, ceramic, brewery and beverage, underground engineering, and so forth. It is best to pump corrosive, abrasives, shear delicate fluids, high viscosity fluids, higher density fluids, huge solids, metering(± one%), substantial stress(3Mpa).

No seals
No valves
Self -priming
Only tube to replace
Dry managing CZPT damage
No get in touch with between solution and mechanical elements
Capable to pump items with strong components inside of
Effortless servicing, minimal-expense, brief down time


Peristaltic Pumps for Sale in South Africa