More Intelligent Automatic Die-Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping

Functions and Function:

Substantial velocity conveying paper segment:
1.German technologies precision feeder head, cardboard and corrugated paper. Four suction and four shipping and delivery, can modify paper suction angle and height in accordance to paper deformation to guarantee high-pace and clean conveying of cardboard and corrugated paper.
two.Sophisticated double-side push-pull twin-goal side gauge, adopting conclude cam mechanism, reduced put on, high steadiness, exact paper positioning, rapid and hassle-free switching of drive-pull perform.

three Wonderful adjustment of the paper feeding desk, which can be altered at any time in accordance to the paper issue.
4.Electromechanical double detector.
five.Paper feed CZPT stopping, and equipped with a pre-printing gadget.
six.Germany SAMPLA imported paper belt.
seven.Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Feida head super higher anti-collision detection gadget gives powerful and guarantee for the protection of the paper feeding desk and the feeder head.
8.Exclusive paper-feeding system for distinct textured papers.
9.Super dress in-resistant paper feed wheel and imported paper feeding belt make the fish scale paper feeding far more exact and rapidly.

ten. Dual-use paper desk, can be employed for manual paper loading, or can be straight utilised for forklift paper.
eleven.When there is a fault in the method of conveying paper, the Feida element is divided from the main motor element by the pneumatic single-level clutch and stops managing, the main machine operates typically, the services daily life of the complete machine is enhanced, and squander items are diminished. This characteristic helps make proofing layouts simpler.
Main Office:
one.The strain-bearing element is higher-power ductile iron QT500-seven, which is solid by unique method, higher energy and never ever deformed.
2.Japan imported substantial-grade alloy steel crankshaft processed by specific method.
3.Germany SEW manufactures tremendous wear-resistant worm gears and worms.
four.Precise stress regulation program for simple adjustment even though the machine is managing.

5.4-claw connecting rod design with tremendous large load (pive shaft Φ70*240), higher die reducing pressure and little dress in.
6.The variable frequency pace manage motor drives the imported worm equipment and worm to make the equipment run effortlessly and minimal sounds.
7.Special facet positioning design permits each and every row of teeth to be positioned on a single positioning line.
8.The gripper positioning compensation system guarantees the stability of the die reducing precision.
nine.Wonderful-tunable entrance and rear positioning system for exact positioning and easy adjustment.
ten.The scissor die-cutting of the relocating desk tends to make the die-slicing force of the device uniform, and the pressure is huge. The German imported torque restrict is more than-minimize protector, which avoids the injury induced by unforeseen occasions to the equipment, assures the protection of the device and the security of the staff.
eleven.Handy and swift knife template turning device.
twelve.Effective oil lubrication program, major chain microcomputer controlled computerized intermittent lubrication.
13.Italy Columbo substantial-precision 240-degree intermittent mechanism drags the five rows of rows of teeth to operate effortlessly, with exact precision and low sounds.

14. Italy OMPI imported pneumatic clutch unit.

  1. 15.Japan SMC large velocity rotary joint.
  2. Germany IWIS manufacturer gripper chain, the relative toughness is enhanced by about forty five%, extended support existence.

Shipping and delivery Section:
one.Automated paper-creating gadget to ensure that the paper pile is neat.
two.Main chain protection gadget.
3.Anti-backing unit.
4.Accurately manage the automated lifting and acquiring of the supply pile via the photoelectric detection swap.
5.Acquiring paper to assist the blowing device to make certain that the paper is neatly gained.
6.Choose-up brush deceleration unit for rapid and effortless adjustment.
seven.The sampling device can check out the good quality of the processed elements at any time and lessen the scrap fee.

Stripping Office:

1.The triple-coupling waste stripping gadget is harmonious, precise and effective, and can successfully remove all types of unique-formed squander materials.
two.CZPT-layer drawer type scrapping upper and lower molds can be speedily loaded and unloaded, and the stripping instruments can be adjusted.
three.Easy to adjust the center body stripping template.
4.Higher frame adopts pneumatic control lifting system.
five.CZPT squander-cleansing needle and elastic ejector, mixed into a excellent action of “hurry-pull”.
6.Intermediate positioning plate structure matching the intermediate positioning composition of the die-cutting element, simplifying the plate shifting process, making certain accurate plate-altering positioning and strengthening creation performance.
7.Clearing the squander corners can be completed both by implies of cleansing up and down the scrap or by clearing the yin and yang template.
8.The stripping frame is created of aviation aluminum alloy, which is light-weight in excess weight, large in strength and never deformed.
9.The squander frame guide rail adopts ZheJiang imported higher-toughness linear guide rail, and the procedure is stable and exact.
ten.The higher and lower stripping boxes can be trimmed horizontally, which is convenient for the version.

CZPTal Management Department:
1.The equipment realizes male-device dialogue by way of the contact screen, and the operator can easily eliminate various faults in the mechanical operation in accordance to the prompt of the contact screen liquid crystal exhibit window, and can go through different technical resources of the equipment. The whole device is monitored and shown by PLC and contact screen for the procedure and fault of the entire equipment. All protective doorways and home windows have protection alarm method to ensure individual protection. The principal motor adopts German Siemens substantial horsepower reduced energy motor.
two.Major and auxiliary paper feeding and supply motor are ZheJiang ‘s Shan Point out geared motor.
three.Gasoline pump for ZheJiang CZPTg.
four.The gas pump is developed by Sino-German joint undertaking ZheJiang Yunwang Co., Ltd.
five.Sophisticated PLC and human-equipment interface control technique to guarantee protected and precise monitoring of all components of the equipment.
six.CZPTal factors and electrical circuits undertake advanced CZPTpean and American nationwide protection requirements (CE specifications).
seven.The major electrical components are all internationally renowned brand items to guarantee the dependability of manage.

Primary configuration:

NO. Part Name Manufacturer Place of Origin
one Xihu (West Lake) Dis.n equipment interface Delta(ten.four Inch-TFT) ZheJiang
2 Molded base plate DAE XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. Korea
three Main motor TECO Japan
four Pneumatic clutch OMPI Italy
5 Major gripper chain IWIS Germany
six Air pump Yongdun China
7 Rotating joint SMC Japan
8 Major solenoid valve SMC Japan
9 Intermittent divider DEX ZheJiang
10 Paper belt SAMPIA Germany
11 Lubrication pump WLP ZheJiang
thirteen Circulating lubrication cooling method TSWUKWAM ZheJiang
14 Turbine shaft SEW Germany
fifteen Torque limiter TONG SHIN ZheJiang
sixteen Crankshaft materials Nickel chromium molybdenum alloy metal Japan
17 Crankshaft   ZheJiang
18 Frequency converter TOSHIBA Japan
19 Photoelectric swap OMRON Japan
20 Contactor SCHNEIDER France
21 CZPT horn Mild Korea
22 Button SCHNEIDER France
23 System controller OMRON Japan
24 Encoder OMRON Japan
25 Filter CHELIC ZheJiang
26 Proximity swap OMRON Japan
27 Relay SCHNEIDER France
28 Major paper feed motor CPG ZheJiang
29 Fastener FS ZheJiang
30 CZPT Xihu (West Lake) Dis.s HIWIN ZheJiang

CZPT Parameters:

Max. Sheet Feeding Measurement(mm) 1060×760
Min. Sheet Feeding  Size(mm) 400×360
Max.Die Cutting Dimension(mm) 1050×750
CZPT Interior Measurement(mm) 1100×790
Thickness of Sheet(mm) Cardboard:.twelve-2.
Min.Gripper Edge(mm) 7
Max.Health and fitness of Warp(mm/) forty
Max.Device Speed(S/H) 7000
Precision(mm) ± .15
Max.Operating Stress (T) 300
Whole Electrical power(KW) seventeen.6
Complete Bodyweight(T) eighteen
Proportions dimension(mm) W×L×H 7690×3800×2330

More Intelligent Automatic Die-Cutting and Creasing Machine with Stripping