Boyang Tube Chain Conveyors in Bulk Material Handing System

    Pipe-chain conveyor is employed for conveying materials of powder and little lump supplies.In a closed tube the chain as push element to express the material flow in the tube.when use horizontal conveying the content can bear the thrust from relocating course.when the friction of the substance layer is even bigger than the friction in between substance and the outer wall,the content transfer CZPT together the chains and sort a stable streamwhen use vertical conveying,content particles was subjected upward thrust from the chains.Because the reduced feeding substance is stop the materials circulation down so that make lateral pressure,which boost the interior friction of the substance .when the internal friction of the materials is better than the friction among outer substance and interior wall of tube the content will be conveyed with the chains and kind continuous materials stream .
1.Compact framework,can adjust the three-way transportation course. 
2.Entirely enclosed transportation,no dust spills,clean and environmentally fiendly. 
3.The decrease strength use,optimize decreasing operating fees.
4.The maximum level conveying distance is 60meters and a maximum lifting height of 40meters. 
five.No useless zone in the pipe. 
six.No steel friction,the highest minimize noise .
seven.Decrease servicing value.
eight.Extended support existence. 
9.Explosion-proof layout and airtight design .
ten.Can commence with load. 
11.The greatest guarantee the integrity of the mate.

CZPT Info:

Design Capability(m³/h) Chain Wheel Velocity(r/min) Chain Plate Speed(m/s) Motor powder(kw)
GL80 4 20 .29 4
GL100 eight 18 .31 5.five
GL150 sixteen fifteen .31 7.five
GL200 28 12 .three 11
GL250 forty eight ten .3 15
GL300 sixty 8 .28 18.five
GL400 80 eight .28 22

Application Scope:
    Fine Chemical substances: pigments, dyes, paints, carbon black, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, ceramic powder, gentle calcium, bentonite, zeolite, kaolin, silica powder, activated carbon, etc.
    Pesticide Mineral: urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium bicarbonate, baking soda, reliable pesticides, tungsten powder, pesticide chemicals, copper powder, coal, phosphate rock powder, alumina powder
    Developing resources: cement, clay, sand, quartz sand, clay powder, silica, limestone, dolomite flour, wooden flour, glass fiber, silica, talc, and so on.
    Meals business: flour, starch, grain, milk, and meals additives.

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Boyang Tube Chain Conveyors in Bulk Material Handing System