55 Ton Ship Deck Machinery Hydraulic Anchor Windlass

55 ton ship deck machinery hydraulic anchor windlass

one.CZPTly, the installation of the windlass should guarantee that the a few points of the anchor chain major out (the anchor chain barrel, the chain controller and the sprocket) are in a single line

2.Function load: refers to the pressure measured at the outlet of the anchor chain wheel.

3.Overload stress: the brief time overload ability needed by the windlass.

4.Average speed: the velocity at which two anchor chains are recovered when a few are in the h2o and are freely suspended.

5.Help load: refers to the highest static load on the anchor chain that the anchor chain wheel brake must be ready to bear.


Product Dian of chain wheel(mm) Operating load(kn) Overhead pulling pressure(kn) Holding load(kn) Nominal velocity(m/min) Warping load(kn)
seventeen.5 seventeen.five thirteen fourteen.6 19.five 21.nine 80 115 9 eight
19 19 fifteen.three seventeen.2 23. 25.8 95 one hundred thirty five 9 ten
20 20 seventeen.9 twenty. 26.nine thirty. one hundred ten 157 9 10
22 22 20.six 23. thirty.nine 34.5 126 a hundred and eighty 9 15
24 24 24.five 24.four 36.eight forty one.one 149 214 nine twenty
26 26 28.7 32.one forty three.one forty eight.two one hundred seventy five 150 9 20
28 28 33.three 37.two fifty. 55.8 202 289 9 twenty
30 30 38.3 42.8 fifty seven.5 64.2 231 330 9 thirty
32 32 43.5 48.six sixty five.3 72.9 261 374 nine 30
34 34 forty nine.1 fifty four.nine 73.7 82.4 294 421 nine 30
36 36 55.one sixty one.six 82.7 92.4 329 470 9 thirty
38 38 61.4 sixty eight.9 92.one 103.four 365 522 9 40
forty 40 sixty eight 76. 102. 114. 402 576 nine 40

The windlass is a mechanical unit for throwing, lifting and retracting the anchor. It is located at the bow of the ship.The roller on both sides of the sprocket wheel can be employed for twisting and retracting ropes.Windlass can be divided into human windlass, electric windlass and electric hydraulic windlass according to different power.At current, the Maritime windlass is largely electric powered hydraulic windlass and electrical windlass

4.In buy to send you a most suitble product we need to have verify the pursuing information.

1), what is the winch pulling ability?
2),what is the winch wire rope length?
three),what is the wire rope diameters?
4)You need to have the winch with single or double drum?and for every drum pulling capability?
5),what is the winch doing work environment?
6),Are you require power pack?

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55 Ton Ship Deck Machinery Hydraulic Anchor Windlass